I started a small garden a few months ago with the help of my boyfriend once I returned home to California from Croatia.  It started off with a few succulents and some strawberries, and has slowly grown into a small collection of potted plants and flowers.  Potted succulents and herbs are a great way to start a low-maintenance garden, and if you love mason jars like me (it's actually more of an obsession) then they are the perfect choice!  Replant your succulents in a mason jar with gravel or rocks at the bottom- this not only allows for the soil drain but looks really nice through the jar.
Spencer surprised me with some new additions for our little succulent family and I finally got around to replanting them in a box together.  They are from a small florist in Westwood called Blossom Floral that we always stop by.  It's basically a succulent heaven of every shape, size and color.  We get a little too excited about succulents.
They fit alongside my aloe perfectly- thanks Spencer!

Time for me to stop rambling about succulents and share with you the coolest (literally) new way to stay hydrated!! I received a package from my beautiful roommate Maria today from across the country and now I am downing water like there's no tomorrow.  The Swellbottle not only looks super sleek and minimal but supports a great cause and is incredibly functional.  It actually keeps your water cold all day long- even after sitting in a hot car all afternoon.  It is made from insulated stainless steel (no more plastic bottles!), it doesn't sweat or leak, and it fits in a cup-holder.  I'm actually in love with this water bottle.  Not to mention that every purchase supports a foundation called Wateraid that is working to provide safe water to some of the world's most impoverished communities.
Now that's a nice looking water bottle!

I will share the recipe for my favorite green breakfast smoothie in the next post, along with some other goodies!
Adriana Garcia
7/18/2013 04:51:34 am

I want to start doing this!


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