I spent some much needed time in my little garden this morning and was so happy to see a little baby bell pepper starting to grow!  I'm not to sure if they normally look this deformed at first but I'm just excited there's something growing.  Hopefully it has a chance to get to a normal size before the bunny that loves to poop all over our backyard gets to it.
A little mutated but I'm rolling with it.

I spent the rest of my morning at my grandparents house enjoying the warm weather and picking fresh avocados and oranges.  I just purchased a new lens for my camera so if you can't tell I'm a little excited about taking pictures of random pretty things.
These are seriously the best oranges ever.  I swear theres nothing better than homegrown citrus fruits and nothing in stores can even compare.  I made sure to pick plenty to share!  The entire bottom of this basket was packed with avocados as well. They take about 5-7 days to ripen though so I have to be patient.  Perhaps there will be some avocado recipes in the near future.

Lately I've been looking into ways to get more nutrients into my diet through natural powders and other strange sounding supplements.  I've never been one to drink protein shakes or use protein powder so I knew that was not the direction I was headed in.  I do understand the importance of protein, but a processed and isolated source of it wasn't really what I was interested in.  Instead I read more into a powder (or tablet) called Spirulina.  It's a blue-green mircoalgae superfood that contains over 94 minerals, boosting energy levels naturally and promoting longevity.  Spirulina is not only great for athletes because it contains plant protein, but is also linked to a decreased time of fatigue after exercise and an increased rate of fat burn.

When you are looking for a Spirunla supplement, make sure it is all natural, organic, and free from any pesticides, herbicides and GMO's.  I chose Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica in powder form.  You can take Spirulina supplements like I mentioned earlier, but the "energizing" effects won't occur for about an hour.  However this is probably the more convenient option if you aren't a smoothie or juice drinker.  I went with the powder because I figured it would be easy enough to just add a teaspoon in my morning smoothies, and the beneficial nutrients are instantly digested.  Pick whichever suits you better, just make sure its all natural.
(excuse the iPhone photo)

Add 1 teaspoon to your daily juice or smoothie and gradually you may start to consume more.  You can even add the powder to water, but I tried this yesterday and it was one of the more unpleasent decisions I've made.  If you don't have taste buds- go for it.  Otherwise you will probably want to throw up on the spot.  The good news is you can't taste it at all in a smoothie, so try it out!  Everyone could use some extra vitamins and minerals and maybe someday you will live forever because you were that weirdo who drank deep sea algae.

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